Renovation of Samherji land based fish processing

<p><em>Drone shot of ÚA</em></p>

Drone shot of ÚA

One of Rafeyri's biggest projects this summer has been the renovation of Samherji's land based fish prossesing factory located in Akureyri. The project in whole is estimated around 2 billion ISK and is Rafeyri's part in that amount considerable. Eiríkur Vignir Kristvinsson has managed Rafeyri's employess on site with good reputation.

With this renovation Samherji is strengthening its land based fish processing conciderable and it is clear that they are not taking it's processing power easy. Packaging for both products of the factory in Akureyri and also it's processing factory in Dalvik will be done in the new facilitie in Akureyri.

This renovation together with a new house will be exemplary facilities for packaging fish and also connect the company's coldstores. Project completion is estimated in september 2015.