Anti-bullying Policy

The company's policy is for employees to always show courtesy and respect to their colleagues in their interactions. Bullying and sexual harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances in the workplace. Employee participation in bullying is condemned.

The company's definition of bullying and sexual harassment is based on Regulation No. 1000/2004, which states in Article 3:

Bullying: Repetitive or significant disrespectful behavior, i.e., an act or conduct that is inclined to humiliate, belittle, intimidate, harm, discriminate against, or threaten and cause distress to the person it is directed at. This includes sexual harassment and other forms of mental or physical violence.

Managers are responsible not only for the tasks of employees but also for ensuring that fundamental rules of interaction in the workplace are respected. New employees are introduced to the company's policy and action plan regarding bullying issues at the beginning of their employment. The policy and action plan are regularly reviewed during employee meetings. Workplace conflicts and conflicts of interest can arise, which may cause discomfort. It is important to resolve such matters promptly before they escalate.

False accusations of bullying will be addressed with the same seriousness as actual instances of bullying. In cases of bullying, the victims should seek assistance from their immediate supervisor. If the supervisor is involved in the incident or fails to address the issue, the victims may approach two other individuals (see the next section). These individuals must maintain complete confidentiality with the victim. The company will take appropriate action against employees who engage in bullying, such as issuing warnings, reassignment, or termination. Serious cases may be subject to legal action in consultation with the victim. The person responsible for the bullying will be held accountable.