Our Story

The Beginning

Rafeyri Ltd. was founded in 1994 from the basis of the electrical department of Slippurinn Akureyri (Shipyard of Akureyri).
Jónas M. Ragnarsson is the company master electrician with both B- and A-certification.
Rafeyri is located at Norðurtangi 5, 600 Akureyri, ICELAND.


Service to the fishing industry has been the backbone in the business for many years. The company mostly focuses on business and procurement work with special emphasis is on high-voltage electrical work. The company serves individuals in small quantities. In the recent years the company has operated a technical department in charge of bidding, drawing and design work for current and future projects. Area of operations for Rafeyri is all around the country but most of our work is produced around the large Eyjafjörður-area. The company also has been working over-seas in the neighboring countries.

Chairman of the company is Davíð Hafsteinsson, electrical technician and beside him on the board are Jónas M. Ragnarsson, master electrician and Gunnar E. Gunnarsson, electrician. CEO is Kristinn Hreinsson, operations management specialist.

Rafeyri's biggest projects have been the expansion and improvements of Lagarfossvirkjun and the building, installation and setup of a new factory for Becromal S.p.A.at Krossanes, Akureyri. Projects and work has increased considerably in recent years and in 2015 the company held a workforce of 58. Biggest suppliers of Rafeyri are Johan Rönning, Ískraft and Reykjafell.


Owners of the company are eight. They are Davíð Hafsteinsson, Jónas M. Ragnarsson, Gunnar E. Gunnarsson, Guðmundur Blöndal, Þorkell Björnsson, Björn Ó. Björnsson, Ingvi Björnsson and Línhúsið. The fist four are among the founders of Rafeyri and have been with the company from the beginning.
In 2002 Rafeyri ltd. and Bláþræðir ltd. joined forces under the name of Rafeyri and the later three got a share in the company.
2014 operation of Línhúsið emerged in Rafeyri and it got a share in Rafeyri.


It has been a good fortune for the company to always have experianced and ambitious employees. Electrician, elctrical-engineer, mechanic, electro-mechanic, technician, industrial electrician and engineer are among the certificates that decorate the workforce. One of the things that has always been focused on at Rafeyri is that our employees grow in their jobs and are informed about the latest technologies and techniques in the field and should preferably be one steep ahead of the competitors. In order to achive this, Rafeyri encourages its employees to attend professional confrences and seminars. Rafeyri has a good name as a progressive company with professionals who know solutions to fit any project or problem.

Heart of Rafeyri

Rafeyri Ltd. has generously supported activities of various organizations and donor projects with both small and large contributions.
The heart of Rafeyri is in the right place and given that the company installed a illuminated heart in Vaðlaheiði mountain across from Akureyri.
Many residents of Akureyri have expressed their satisfaction with the heart and say is eases and lifts their spirit during the darkest months of the year. The heart has not been active for a while but it in cooperation with the community Rafeyri is working on to build it up to be a permanent landmark.

Social life

Happiness and good morale characterizes life at Rafeyri.
The owners have been in the forefront of that and the company has always been active in supporting the social life of the workforce. Every other year the workforce goes abroad to relax and have fun. Pre-Christmas party, golf tournaments, bowling tournaments, fly-fishing seminars and family camping trips are among the activities the company participates in, with and for its workers.