Rafeyri acquires Víkurraf from Húsavík

Rafeyri has previously made similar acquisition in Eskifjörður when Rafmagnsverkstæði Andrésar was bought and it has been successful. With the acquisition, Rafeyri intends to form a stronger entity that spans Northeast Iceland and East Fjords. Rafeyri already has powerful professionals in the company’s technical department and they will fully serve the employees of Víkuraf. The plan is to strengthen operations in Húsavík with an increase in staff and management support from Rafeyri. Áki Hauksson has been the CEO of Víkuraf and will continue to do so for now. Hopefully, this will be beneficial for both companies as well as the community in Þingeyjarsýsla.

Rafeyri awarded the "Safety Awards 2023"

VÍS is an Icelandic insurance company that has recently awarded Rafeyri with their annual "Safety Awards." This prestigious award is given to companies that excel in implementing effective prevention and safety policies.

20,000 boxes a day

Through collaboration with Raven Ltd., Raftákn Ltd., and Rafeyri Ltd., Bra Kasser has sold a box system to Austevoll Salmon Packery AS in Norway, located approximately 30 km south of Bergen.

Rafeyri acquires the electrical workshop of Andrés in Eskifjörður Iceland

Rafeyri has now acquired “Rafmagnsverkstæði Andrésar” (Electrical Workshop of Andrés) in Eskifjöður Iceland which was previously owned by Svana Guðnadóttir. The workshop’s operations will mostly remain unchanged and it’ll also keep its name. Key personnel at Rafeyri have been invited to become co-owners. It’s our hope here at Rafeyri that with this acquisition we’ll be able to further expand our operations in the East fjords.

Renovation of Samherji land based fish processing

One of Rafeyri's biggest projects this summer has been the renovation of Samherji's land based fish prossesing factory located in Akureyri. The project in whole is estimated around 2 billion ISK and is Rafeyri's part in that amount considerable. Eiríkur Vignir Kristvinsson has managed Rafeyri's employess on site with good reputation.

New and promising employees

Rafeyri posesses great human resources and it just keeps growing.

Industrial machinery licenses

On the 15. of june 2015, 16 employees of Rafeyri got their industrial machinery licenses.

Strongest in Iceland 2014

For the last five years Rafeyri has been awarded the "Strongest In Iceland" award by CreditInfo. This year is no exception and Rafeyri has now recived the award for the year 2014 also. The award is given to Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks in its strength and stability assessments. Out of the 35,842 companies registered in the Icelandic Company Directory, only 682 pass the conditions set by Creditinfo in order to receive the award of being one of "Iceland’s Strongest Companies".

Welcome to Hotel Vatnajökull

Fosshotel is a leading hotel chain in Iceland and there they don't think small. In 2013 they opened a new hotel in Patreksfjörður and now in 2014 they opened a new luxury hotel just west of Höfn in Hornafjördur under the name Fosshotel Vatnajökull.

Spanning the whole Iceland

They year 2013 is running to an end and it has been quite eventful for the employees of Rafeyri. Good reputation has spread out around the contry and Rafeyri has had the fortune to be accepted contractor for demanding buyers of jobs, services and equpment.