Meet the Technical Department

From an idea to actuality and everything in between.

The technical department at Rafeyri plays a crucial and versatile role in supporting our operations, with technicians working both in front of computers and on-site. This efficient approach benefits our customers in multiple ways, including streamlined communication and simplified processes. In the past, Rafeyri has successfully managed entire projects from conception to installation, thanks to this approach. The responsibilities of our technical staff range from tender preparations and design and drawing work to providing technical assistance to our general electricians and reporting progress to our customers.

We have set the standard.

In addition to major projects in Iceland, our technicians at Rafeyri Ltd. have extensive experience working on international projects, including in Canada, the Faroe Islands, Norway, and Russia. To successfully complete these projects, our team has had to adapt our processes to meet the unique regulations and material requirements in each country.

One area where we've seen significant advancements is in the use of CO2 technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases in cooling systems. In recent years, the number of such systems installed worldwide has increased dramatically. At Rafeyri, we've partnered with Kælismiðjan Frost and Raftákn to design and build control cabinets for large factory ships in Russia, where there is a high demand for quality, security, and compliance. Through our collaborative efforts, we've been able to leverage the latest technology to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients, no matter where in the world they are located.

Lighting that matters.

Good lighting design is crucial, whether it's in a store where it needs to stimulate customers or at home where it should provide a sense of comfort after a long day at work. At Rafeyri Ltd., we have years of experience in lighting design, where we strive to balance compliance and aesthetics to create the perfect lighting environment for any space.

With decades of experience designing electrical systems, we've seen it all. But we're not content to rest on our laurels. We're always looking for ways to improve our processes, make them more sustainable, and meet our own high standards for quality. We actively seek out new technologies and innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. When you work with Rafeyri, you can trust that we'll deliver modern, practical solutions that put you in control.