Personnel policy

The goal of the employee policy is for the company to have competent, well-educated, honest, and enthusiastic staff who together create a motivated and positive working environment. The managing director is responsible for the policy and is accountable for ensuring that employees of the company are aware of and adhere to it.

Good staff are the foundation of a well-run company, and Rafeyri's employees are one of the company's main assets. The objective is to have competent, well-educated, and enthusiastic staff who together create a motivated and positive working environment. By emphasizing employee selection, equal opportunities, work environment, information flow, innovation, feedback, trust, education, and career development, a pleasant workplace is created that reflects the values that guide us. We follow the following principles:

  • The company has the right to select and appoint suitable staff.
  • The promotion of innovation and responsibility among employees shall be encouraged.
  • Good working atmosphere among employees and owners shall be promoted.
  • Equal opportunities shall be ensured for all, regardless of gender.
  • Equal opportunities for men and women with regard to employment, responsibility, wages, promotion, and training shall be ensured in accordance with good values and the law on equal status and equal rights for men and women - No. 10 of 2008 - March 6th.
  • Collective bargain agreements are respected, as well as laws and regulations that apply to employees and their work environment. It is sought to reward based on merit regardless of gender or other factors that could lead to discrimination.
  • Employees shall be provided with a safe working environment where accidents and work-related illnesses are prevented.
  • Strong communication channels between management and staff about company issues and work-related matters shall be ensured.
  • It is emphasized that employees should show loyalty to each other and to the company.
  • It is emphasized that employees should show respect for each other and interact with each other in a ethical manner.
  • Employees shall have opportunities to grow and develop in their jobs.
  • Employees are encouraged to improve their skills and knowledge by attending courses or training provided by the company, especially when it serves the interests of both parties.