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Rafeyri is a reliable and versatile electrical contractor offering comprehensive services in electrical engineering, in design, installation and servicing. Rafeyri employs a cohesive group of experienced professionals which have at their disposal the latest of equipment and technology. Rafeyri is well positioned to provide electrical services in the field, and in our workshop facilities to industrial, marine, and domestic customers.

Our story

  • Ready for action

    In our experience malfunctions and failures don't always precede an alert. At Rafeyri we have access to many people with diverse experience in all aspects of electricity. With us you can expect the wait for service to be short and emergency service even shorter.


  • Always one step ahead

    One of our main goals at Rafeyri is that our staff get the opportunity to gain confidence and expertise in their field of work and that they are familiar with the latest and best technology and methods available to them each time. To achieve this we attend shows, conferences and courses with great passion. We're always one step ahead.

    Our vision


  • Design from the heart

    At Rafeyri works a great team of technical engineers capable of designing and managing very complex and technically challenging projects along with giving our clients the best information available. We think, design and construct our ideas under the control of the technical department. We make great offers for our customers, get in touch for further information and we'll find the right solution for you!

    Our technical department

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