General Electrical wiring

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Rafeyri is a leading provider of comprehensive electrical services, catering to households, offices, and industries. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional workmanship, backed by intelligent and efficient solutions.

With a robust technical department, Rafeyri is equipped to design and implement cutting-edge electrical systems for modern buildings and structures. We specialize in a range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Controlled access systems
  • General 400/240V systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Dali lighting control systems
  • Door phone systems (with or without video)
  • Climate control systems
  • Earthing systems
  • KNX automation systems
  • KNX lighting control systems
  • Antenna systems
  • Lighting systems designed in the DIALux software
  • Security camera systems
  • Phone systems
  • Network and phone wiring
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Wireless light switches (for example as a retrofit solution in old houses)
  • EV charging stations